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Research equipment

The research activities can count on numerous instrumental equipments present within the Department of Physics.
Most of these installations operate in Open Access for academic or industrial partners.


High-Performance Computing Cluster

OCCAM - Open Computing Cluster for Advanced data Manipulation, since 2016

connected to the national research computing network GARR, installed at the DPand managed by the University's Competence Center on Scientific Computing (C3S), of which the DPis promoter.
OCCAM High-Performance Computing cluster

Linear Accelerator Laboratory

since 2017

committed to testing and development of detectors for medical applications, cultural heritage, characterization of materials and neutron metrology.
Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LINAC)

Innovative Sensors Laboratory

equipped with a clean room for the development of new ionizing radiation detectors, biosensors and quantum sensors, and equipment for the manufacture and characterization of advanced materials.

TurLab fluid dynamic laboratory

equipped with a rotating tank for 3D studies of turbulent motions and simulation of atmospheric flows (part of the European EUHIT network).
TURLAB fluid dynamic laboratory

X-ray imaging and thermoluminescence Laboratory

Radiography, Tomography and dating for Cultural Heritage
2D and 3D X-ray imaging laboratory and thermoluminescence dating

Urban and Remote Meteorological Stations Laboratory

a professional weather station that detects the main meteorological data: temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation, pressure, solar radiation.
Urban and Remote Meteorological Stations Laboratory

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