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Research Services

The contents of this page are gradually being updated and, as such, are not to be considered definitive.

Manager: Cristiano Lo Iacono 

  • Management and accounting support for applications for national, international and regional funding for research via a prior verification of the relevance and eligibility of costs. This process is carried out in close collaboration with the Centre of Natural Sciences' administration and accountancy services; 
  • Guidance and counseling on funding opportunities for research and innovation; 
  • Administrative support for the definition of research agreements, work for third parties, etc.;  
  • Support for PhD schools and single PhD courses; 
  • Internal census and monitoring of the University's Third Mission: patents, spin-offs, development and public engagement;  
  • Support for the promotion and valorisation of research and the Third Mission; 
  • Coordination of evaluation (e.g. VQR) and quality control (e.g. SUA-RD) procedures.

Within the University:
Teaching staff, research staff, temporary research fellows, PhD students.

Outside the University:
Public and private research institutes 
Public and private bodies that are interested in research project development
Public and private bodies that require scientific services

Write to

For support to new institutional agreements (for research or business purpose) and to private/institutional fundings for research


Letizia Pisciuneri

For support to project, manage research fundings and for advice about research and innovation fundings opportunities


Daniela Costa
Daniele Marione

For support about Research and Third mission related data monitoring and all activities related to evaluation proceedings


Carla Lingua

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